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Khosla’s Concepts

May 6, 2013

This past week I watch “Science for the Future and the Future of Science” by Ashok Khosla and I must say, a few things stood out to me instantly. First off, early on in the video, Khosla arrives at the concisions that science is autonomous, or in Khosla’s words, the only people that can solve the world’s problems are scientists. I find it far fetched that a man who began the studies of People, Resources, and the Environment would be so close minded as to accept that only a scientist could solve a global problem. This ideology is like saying only an Economist can solve the economy crisis; however this statement only considers the linear view of economy. To say that science is Autonomous is to deny the very foundations on which a systems view is founded, a scientist’s view of a problem is no more limited or broad than any other persons, and it takes a wide variety of viewpoints to approach a problem and conquer it efficiently and correctly.

One thing I took from the video and really liked was Khosla’s concepts on sustainability. One of the concepts he mentioned was the levels of efficiency. There are four types of efficiency which are as listed: rated efficiency, potential efficiency, latent efficiency, systemic efficiency. According to Khosla, these different types of efficiencies eventually help increase in productivity rate. Moreover, Khosla said that in order to make sustainable development, we need sustainable livelihoods. I think the most important message for us to hear is that the time for talk is over. We have to start making changes today, together, with everyone participating.


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